Other Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get your ideas?

Honestly, I don't know. Often, materials inspire me. Resin, for example, forces me to think, What can I make this medium do? How can I push this medium? Other times an object will inspire me to look at it in a new way. Ultimately, I am an idea person by nature and, mostly, concepts come to me unbidden.

Where do you get your materials?

I get my materials anywhere and everywhere I can; antique stores, vintage stores, thrift stores, online, even off the ground (I'm a hobbyist rock hound, so I look down regularly.)

Do you also do your own graphics?

Yes. Many years ago I did a little graphic design.

You're also an author?

Yes. I have two middle-grade reader's novels through HarperCollins Publishers and I'm working on a young adult novel right now.

And you were a fashion designer for a long time?

Yes--for a couple of large garment manufacturers. I was also a home stager for a short time, but I stopped because I didn't like lugging furniture around. Ironically, I lug things around all the time, now, because I do art shows and vintage shows.

Do you think that's fair, being able to do all those things?

Fair, not fair, who knows? It's the way I'm wired.